Using VR in the Sex Industry

Do you like VR porn? What do you think about this technology? One of the American journalists describes his experience of watching porn in virtual reality in such words: “I am approaching a large luxury villa. I knock, and the young woman misha cross in a beautiful dress opens the door. “Hello, my darling !” She greets me as if we had already met before.

She grabs the vacuum cleaner, which I hold in my hand and, smiling, says, “I don’t mind changing the pose for a while.” I am invited to enter. Then I find myself in the living room. Fire is burning in the fireplace, and from the terrace to my left I see Hollywood. I am thrilled! Meanwhile, the girl is trying to clean the carpet, although it turns out that the device is not even plugged in.

After a moment, the mistress is already between my legs, even without a bra, and touching my dick. I seem to be the best seller of vacuum cleaners of all time.”

This is not a cheap erotic fantasy, but a very expensive one. The sex industry, as always, is the first to introduce new technologies. It happened so with VR because the effect of presence has a special meaning in this sphere. Well, actually it just not “being here & now” but some unique and very desirable for many experiences.

The video in question was produced by BaDoink, a company that specializes in porn. It has such a clear idea of ​​this area that refused to make regular films in favor of virtual ones. It is bold. Will they stay on the market? On the other hand, the porn industry always quickly picked up technological trends or asked them themselves. This is a story about how porn tames virtual reality and slowly transforms the concept into a full-fledged and profitable industry.

Future Trends

    • Companies all over the world go beyond the limits to create soft and hardware for VR porn content. From a technical point of view, users enjoy Google Cardboard to work with a smartphone or posh Oculus. This PC-based device is equipped with tools that allow you to see your hands in virtual reality.
    • Researches predict that the production of virtual reality helmets next years will reach 3-4 million and be tenfold by 2020.
  • Sex stars will be more eager to participate in the new format, although technically it needs more efforts and acting talent. But royalties and revenues are worth it, for both actors and producers.

But the problem of content will not disappear: if you have nothing to look at on a brilliant new VR headset, then why buy it at all? Anyway, you may don’t worry. In this case, there is always porn. The adult industry is ready to offer content for the most avid geeks.