Sex and Porn: Is It Worth to Combine?

Is watching porn good for a couple? Now when the Internet has made pornography available, many insist that watching adult films helps to strengthen relationships in a couple. Is it so? It all depends on the goals and desires of two, our experts say.

Female Interest

It is considered that pornography is preferred by male mostly. For men, in coupling visual stimuli are much more important than for women, explain the sexologists and psychotherapists. But the situation is changing. And this is connected not so much with human nature, as with technical progress.

Today it’s enough to have a smartphone and Internet to download “strawberry.”  And women are more willing to experiment: polls confirm that they watch porn quite active1. And at least a third of respondents watch it (at least sometimes) with a partner. Psychologists still don’t know how useful porn movies are for couples. This is definitely not a mandatory component of sexual life, but it is unlikely a violation, they claim.

Subjects and Objects

The situation when the wife finds her husband watching pornography is just as anecdotal as is vital, as any therapist (or divorce lawyer) will confirm. At the same time, men are perplexed about the stormy indignation of their female partners. “At some point, I realized that he was not having sex with me, but with his cartoon demons,” confess one young woman. But if there is no mutual agreement, this inevitably leads to deterioration in the relationship.

“Do You Want to Talk About This?”

But with some couples, it can be a completely different story about. One husband recalled that he had found his partner watching pornography. “I, frankly, was shocked,” he says. – Firstly, I didn’t expect anything like that from my tender special one. And it was a rough BDSM!”

For this couple, watching porn together has become a way to find harmony in sex. As it turned out, the quiet intelligent girl was very shy to share her fantasies with a spouse. And this genre helped the partners not only to get to know each other better but also to practice new techniques.

The desire to watch porn is not arising out of nowhere, it always has a reason, warn doctors. And conclusions are as follows:

    • It can be a symptom of problems in relationships, a testimony that one of the partners is not satisfied with the intimate life;
    • At the same time, such entertainment can enrich the lives of the couple;
    • The mere fact of speaking on this topic (watching or not) unites people, touching on the most intimate aspects;
  • A discussion of what is happening on the screen really reveals the fantasies and aspirations of partners. And often leads to the expansion of their “technical arsenal”.

This, by the way, is confirmed by research data. 51% of women admitted that pornography has expanded their ideas about sex and sexuality. And 11% reported that watching porn brought them together with partners. Many experts believe that this effect is especially true for couples over 40–45 years old. Today young people get acquainted with porn in the early years while for their parents it can be a terra incognita.