Porn And The First Sexual Experience

The first sexual experience is something like an enchanting New Year’s party, about which you begin to think from September. Imagine: you dreamed that everything would pass with fireworks, but the party turned out to be extremely boring. Or another option: you were afraid of spending the whole evening in a corner in tragic solitude after the intercourse, and everything went nice and cordial.

How porn can influence your first lovemaking? It seems you should get rid of some beliefs which are true for adult films but don’t work in real life.

Dream #1: This Will Be a Heavenly Pleasure!

Immediately forget. Erotic or hot scenes are nothing more than a beautiful fairy tale. Only movie characters experience unearthly moans on silk sheets under romantic music. In life, everything is much more prosaic. Most likely, both of you will be nervous, shy and in a hurry. And this is completely normal.

Even adult and experienced people do not always lose heads from passion. This is sex, after all, not a porn.

Dream #2: I Will Feel Orgasm or Even Two?

99 out of 100 that none, even if you are perfectly able to cope to reach it independently of the act. Females begin to experience full satisfaction with sex after weeks and even months after they started. With the men, it’s a bit simpler.

For the first time, at best, you will be quite pleased. At worst, you will experience mild physical and psychological discomfort. And this is understandable: at the beginning, everything, including roller skating doesn’t go smoothly and your body must learn to enjoy coupling. And it will take time, patience, mutual respect and a very attentive, loving partner.

Dream #3: He/She Did It Because He/She Loves Me

A small amendment: partner did it because of physical desire. Otherwise, in technical terms, nothing would have happened. Maybe females will not like this statement but love (that is, tenderness, trust, respect, readiness to support in trouble and other important things) is not always associated with such a very prosaic thing as sex. Men can quietly love one woman, and sleep with another.

Of course, it’s your right thing to have sexual intercourse is only with the partner who really loves and admire you and whom you love. But if it happened differently, at least do not let stupid dreams mist your own head. Sex and love are not always bound by the sign of equality. And since you decided to become an adult, learn to accept life as it is.

For your first time, you may forget scenes from porn. It’s better to relax and think that very soon you will get a lot of pleasure from these tender and so sweet movements.